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Cosmetic Dental Treatments Essex

Your First Visit

At your first visit we will carry out a full detailed examination, including all necessary radiographs at no charge. A jaw analysis, oral cancer screen, bite and smile analysis, teeth and gum health check will also be performed. We can also take photos to help explain and show you what we can see.

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Check-ups & Emergencies

We believe in building a strong patient base and will follow clinical guidelines to see patient at recommended intervals based on their risk status. We offer daily emergency sessions and also out-of-hours services too.

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Children's Dentistry

We see children under six years of age for free and offer reduced rates on any necessary treatment. We firmly practice prevention and evidence based techniques to help keep your family's teeth in the perfect state. As the saying goes - prevention is better than cure!

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Periodontal (Gum) Treatments

Nine in ten people suffer gum disease at some point in their life. Your dentist will screen you for gum disease and provide you with a diagnosis. A lucky proportion of us have resistance to it and a sad few will always be susceptible to this chronic condition.

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Dental Hygiene/Hygienist

Our lovely dental hygienist, Gil, is happy to offer tailor made advice to suit your lifestyle and needs.

She will work with you to motivate and improve your oral health. Gil also offers treatments for gum disease and long-term maintenance.

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Bad Breath

If you feel you suffer from bad breath the first thing we recommend to do is have a thorough dental examination. We have also provide some useful hints and tips for you.

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We generally use three filling materials to restore small to medium sized cavities/fractures to teeth. Traditional amalgam can be used, or alternatively more advanced cosmetic filling materials are also available.

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Crowns, Onlays & Inlays

With heavily restored, weak or broken teeth these lab made restorations are recommended as long-term solutions. They can be made of metal, porcelain or a combination of the two.

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These are commonly used to improve the appearance of front teeth. Veneers can be made directly in the mouth using artistic tooth coloured filling material, or lab-made with aesthetic porcelains.

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Root Canal Treatments

When the nerve and blood supply of a tooth has suffered damage this can cause pain and infection in a tooth, necessitating root canal treatment.

This advanced treatment can be performed painlessly and predictably. To find out more information click here.


The last resort and something we always try to avoid. We have all the necessary equipment in place to assure safe, quick and easy removal of teeth and have an in-house specialist for more advanced extractions.

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Oral Surgery

Mr James Anang, our in-house specialist oral surgeon can perform complex extractions, including removal of wisdom teeth.

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Dental Implants

Increasingly becoming the more popular option for replacing teeth as it provides a like-for-like replacement.

Dental implants have a long history of success and can be provided by our in-house specialist, Dr Hiten Pabari.

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These are a fixed solution for replacing missing teeth.

Two main types of bridges exist - adhesive or conventional. Adhesive bridges are a healthy, medium-term solution for replacing teeth. Conventional bridges have a history of success and work well for a long-term fixed solution for replacing teeth.

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These can be partial or full, made of acrylic or metal and can be supported by implants.

We use the very best labs to ensure high quality, comfortable and natural looking dentures are provided for our patients.

They are a very cost effective removable method for replacing multiple missing teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

We recommend home whitening systems as they are longer lasting, safer and more stable.

We offer two systems at DentalKind. Pola! Night is a cost-effective option with great results. Enlighten provides the best results with the addition of an in-surgery 'deep' whitening session for the very brightest result.

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Several short-term cosmetically focused orthodontics treatments are available. The quicker Inman Aligner can be used to align the front four teeth.

Alternatively, clear aligners (Invisalign, Smilelign) or tooth-coloured fixed braces (6 Month Smiles) can be used to quickly and predictably align your teeth to give you a healthy and perfect smile.

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If you need a little extra help to make your dental treatment more comfortable we have a variety of systems in place.

We have qualified and experienced sedationists and our team are well experienced in treating nervous patients and those with management difficulties.

"If you are looking for a dentist who sees you as an individual and not just a set of teeth, then you have found the right place!"

We provide a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments including: Dental Implants, Porcelain and Composite Veneers, Cosmetic Dentures, Orthodontics and much more


Friendly and caring environment


Painless and peaceful treatment


Sedation for nervous patients


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