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We offer CONSCIOUS Sedation for Children in Essex.

Many children are frightened of seeing the dentist and sometimes this means that getting the treatment they need becomes traumatic.


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Dental sedation for children

Many children are frightened of seeing the dentist and sometimes this means that getting the treatment they need becomes traumatic.

Dental sedation for children involves using conscious sedation. It is a safe and effective way to relax your child so that they can get the treatment that they need in a calm manner.

Why use conscious sedation?

It is commonly used if:

Your child is highly anxious

Needs a more invasive procedure such as removing a tooth

Has little or no experience at the dentist

How does it work?

Your child must be over the age of 6 or weigh more than 20kg to have conscious sedation.

A paediatric dental nurse and advanced seditionist (medically trained) will put your child at ease, administer gel anaesthetic on the back of the hand and place a small line in the back of the hand through which the sedatives are provided. Within a moment, the children feel relaxed and may feel giggly. They may experience a floaty dream-like sensation, but they will remain awake.

Your dentist can then carry out the necessary treatment whilst your child is relaxed. Once this has finished, children quickly recover from the effects of the sedation.


5 Star Google Reviews

Benefits of conscious Sedation

  • Completely safe and commonly used in paediatric dentistry
  • A highly effective way to calm anxious children so that they can get the dental treatment that they need
  • A conscious sedation, so children remain awake throughout the process and during the dental treatment
  • There are little or no side effects

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The staff at DentalKind in Billericay, Essex, are highly experienced and trained in paediatric dentistry.

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