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Invisalign Braces & Inman Aligner in Essex

DentalKind are renowned orthodontists in Essex. Orthodontics is a specialist area in dentistry that deals with aligning teeth. Our dentists are able to offer simple to moderate treatments aimed at improving the smile. We work alongside local specialist orthodontists in Billericay for the treatment of more functional and advanced orthodontic cases. At DentalKind we offer several treatment modalities to perfectly straighten your teeth.

It is the healthiest way to correct:

  • Crowding or crooked teeth
  • Spacing between teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Decreased function caused by a poor bite

You’re never too old to consider this option to improve your smile. It works very well and is a cost effective alternative to veneers and other porcelain bonded restorations. Orthodontics can be used as part of a complex treatment plan, for example a before a smile makeover or moving teeth prior to placing dental implants.

Nowadays, straightening teeth rarely involves taking teeth out and if we do need to create space for moving teeth we can do this by a process called interdental stripping using abrasive floss to safely create very small spaces between your teeth. We recommend lifelong retention after successfully completing your treatment with either a removable retainer to wear at night, or a fixed bonded retainer. Your dentist will discuss this in more detail.

Inman Aligner in Essex

An Inman Aligner is a removable custom-made appliance that is worn ideally 20-22 hours a day and the teeth are essentially “pushed” into place.

Treatment time is generally between 8-16 weeks and it solely works on aligning your front teeth.

It is a very popular choice as it is faster and cheaper than other options; however it is only recommended for mild to moderate situations.

See for more information.

Available from £1500.

Invisalign Braces in Essex

Invisalign is one of the original types of “invisible” clear braces and in our opinion it is the best clear aligner on the market. The treatment process involves your dentist taking photos and moulds of your teeth, which are then scanned onto a computer and your treatment is planned by a team using the most predictable methods. DentalKind are one of the few providers of Invisalign Braces in Essex.

Removable clear plastic aligners are used to slowly move the teeth to the desired position. Each aligner should be worn at all times, except for eating, for a period of 2 weeks and the total treatment times can vary from 14 weeks to 2 years depending on complexity.

The advantages of Invisalign:

See for more information

Available from £2500


For the long-term success of your orthodontic treatment we recommend retention for life.

You can choose to have a completely hidden wire bonded behind the teeth to hold them in place or simply have a removable clear retainer.

We suggest the ‘belts & braces’ approach and have both, just in case one fails without you being aware.

Your dentist will discuss the different types and what will work best with you and your lifestyle.

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🔥🔥REPOST from @ohabioh 🔥🔥 So as some of you guys have seen I have been going through my @invisalign_uk journey since March. I have always wanted to straighten my teeth, especially one that was super wonky at the front. It made me not want to smile & I would always put my hand over my mouth if I laughed etc. I want to do a thorough video talking about everything but for now this post will do! I used @dentalkind in Billericay who luckily are just around the corner from where I work!! 😁 Sunil has done such a great job on my final touches too, filling in my last few gaps, straightening up and tweaking them to perfection. I still need to have my whitening done which I’m double excited for. If you guys are thinking about having Invisalign through dentalkind, feel free to pop me over a message & I can give you information on how to receive your free consultation (there is absolutely no commitment or pressure at this point) and if you decide to go further, I can also offer you money off your treatment! So my DM’s are open to anyone who wants anymore info 🖤 I need to also find a before pic but it’s proving difficult as I never used to smile showing off my ‘bad’ tooth side haha 🤨
Composite Smile Makeover .
This young lady wanted to improve her smile and didn’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment. After discussion of her options we agreed to place eight composite veneers. .
Several photos and a 3D scan were used in a digital smile design process. We work with our labs to create the ideal proportions and a result that was in harmony with her face. Thanks to @densign_lab for the amazing digital wax ups. .
The treatment was completed over 3 visits... 1. Placement 2. Refinement 3. Review.
Happy patient 😁 Happy dentist 👨‍⚕️