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What is Air polisher in Billericay?

Diamond Hygiene is the ultimate way to clean teeth and gums, giving you sparkling teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. Diamond Hygiene incorporates Airflow and Guided Biofilm Therapy to give fantastic, long-lasting results which protect your oral health.

Biofilm is a type of bacteria that cannot be seen and forms on your teeth and around your gums. It is generally caused by poor oral hygiene and can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and eventually tooth loss.

Diamond Hygiene uses a special solution on your teeth and gum which identifies thebiofilm so that it can be removed.

Patients from Billericay, Stock, Hutton, Shenfield, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Ramsden Heath and Galleywoodare choosing Diamond Hygiene for a powerful dental cleanthat removes biofilm and staining to teeth to give a brilliant white smile.

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How does Diamond Hygiene in Billericay work?

Diamond Hygiene incorporates a 7 step dental clean for a stunning new smile.

  • Evaluate
    We will perform a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums.
  • Disclose
    We use a special dental solution which makes the biofilm visible.
  • Motivate
    We educate and talk to you about how to maintain a healthy mouth
  • Air polish above the gums
    We remove the biofilm, stains and soft tartar using a jet of warm water combined with a dental powder.
  • Air polish below the gums
    Using a deep clean, we remove the biofilm that sits below the gums.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
    Using special dental tools and warm water, we remove the build-up of harder deposits of plaque known as calculus and that can only be removed by a dental professional.
  • Recall
    Finally, we advise you on when you should book in for your next Diamond Hygiene session.

How does Air polisher Billericay work?

Diamond Hygiene dental clean is popular with patients from Billericay, Chelmsford, Brentwood,Stock, Hutton,Galleywood, Shenfield and Ramsden Heathbecause it gives a thorough and powerful oral clean.

  • Teeth will look noticeably brighter and whiter after a Diamond Hygiene clean because heavy stains are removed
  • Your breath will feel clean and fresh
  • Your mouth, teeth and gums are all given a thorough and professional dental clean with Diamond Hygiene. Bacteria is removed, which means you’ll have less chance of developing bad breath or gum disease
  • Plaque and calculus are removed with a Diamond Hygiene clean which means you’ll have less chance of developing tooth decay

FAQ's about Air polisher

How is a Air polisher clean better than a usual dental hygiene clean?
A traditional dental clean involves a scale and polish which scrapes off the plaque from your teeth. Diamond Hygiene is different because it identifies the invisible biofilm that might be hiding on your teeth and gums and then uses a combination of dental powder and a jet of warm water to remove it. In this way, stubborn stains as well as bacteria are removed so your teeth will look brighter, and your mouth will feel truly clean.
How often should I have a Air polisher dental clean?
Your dentist will advise you about this after assessing your mouth and once the first course of treatment has been given. On average, most patients have between 2 and 4 dental Diamond Hygiene cleans a year.
Is Air polisher dental clean painful?
No Diamond Hygiene is not a painful treatment. There is less scraping of teeth needed than with a usual dental hygiene appointment. Most of the staining and plaque is removed through the combination of dental powder with powerful jet water stream which is not painful at all. Book an appointment for Diamond Hygiene with DentalKind today.

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