COVID-19 patient journey

Your New Patient Journey

Before the day of your appointment

  • Personal details will be verified, medical history updated and if you are a new patient a GDPR consent and smile questionnaire completed – these will be via email, online or over the phone with a team member.
  • A full COVID-19 history will be taken to assess your risk and for us to best manage your care.

Before you enter the practice

  • Please do not arrive early and try not to be late – the aim of this is to avoid patient traffic in communal waiting areas or entrance / exit.
  • Please do not bring anyone else into the practice with you unless necessary. Exceptions include a parent/guardian of children under 18 years old, or a carer.
  • Please bring as few belongings with you as possible, this limits the risk of any contamination.
  • Please ensure that you are showered and clean before entering the practice.
  • Please clean your teeth before attending.

Inside the practice

  • We’ve adjusted our waiting areas and spaced out appointments – so you can maintain safe social distancing.
  • You must clean your hands using the antibacterial gel provided as soon as you enter the practice.
  • You’ll be given a mask to wear on arrival to ensure your safety during your visit (you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Our staff will also be wearing appropriate PPE to ensure your safety.
  • Plastic screens have been installed on our reception desks. Please try and maintain a 2m distance from the reception desk where possible and avoid touching the screen.
  • We’ll ask you some arrival questions to confirm the information you gave in the pre-visit call.
  • We’ll check your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. If it is deemed too high (above 37.8°C), your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date.
  • We will ask you to place any belongings in a clean box situated in the treatment room to limit risks of contamination.
  • We will give you a pre-treatment anti-viral mouth rinse if appropriate.
  • Where possible try to limit use of patient bathrooms by visiting your own before your attendance at the practice.
  • Patients bathrooms are still operational but please ask the Receptionist before use. This will ensure we know the facilities have been used and can clean appropriately.

After your appointment

  • To keep you safe, we’ll ask you to use contactless payment instead of cash wherever possible.
  • You can book any future appointments or follow-ups with our receptionist.
  • If after 14 days of your appointment you begin to develop any symptoms of possible COVID- 19, such as a high fever or a new continuous cough, you should contact the practice to inform them and follow the appropriate self-isolation advice.

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