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Dentist for Nervous Patients

Dr Sunil Chudasama is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

Our team at DentalKind appreciates how stressful visiting the dentist can be. Dental anxiety can vary from patients fearing a general check-up to those who are afraid of simple treatments.

Dental phobia can stop a patient attending a dentist for several years. This prolonged period can often result in the progression of a problem that could have been treatable to a terminal problem resulting in either loss of tooth/teeth or complex treatment.

Our sedation dentist has vast experience in treating patients with a variety of levels of phobia – read our testimonials and online reviews (Google and Facebook) for some examples.

We are fortunate enough to have lovely patients who recommend their friends and family to join our practice. Part of our success is providing care for patients in a gentle, friendly and safe environment.

All our treatments are tailored to each patient and completed at a pace that suits you.

We have taken added measures to ensure we can minimise your anxiety and ensure you have a positive experience. Examples of this include using aromatherapy around the practice to get rid of dental smells, playing radio/music of your choice and comfortable memory foam chairs – resulting in many patients fall asleep during treatments!

At your initial visit, your dentist will perform a full examination and discuss your treatment aims and options. Together we will create a customised plan to ensure we leave you healthy and smiling.

Not sure you can have dental treatment awake?

We have thought of a solution. Dr James Anang, our visiting Specialist Oral Surgeon, provides intravenous sedation. This type of sedation does not put you to sleep but rather gives you a very drowsy feeling and more compliant and accepting of treatment. There are fewer risks of using sedation in this way than undertaking treatment with a general anaesthetic. The sedative also has amnesic qualities meaning you will most likely forget the treatment after we have finished.

Don’t like the noise of the dentist’s drill?

No problems. We have invested in the latest electric handpieces, reducing their noise and vibrations on the tooth. We routinely use these handpieces for finishing our precision work so again you can rest assured you are receiving the very best care.

Don’t like noise generally?

No worries. We also encourage that you bring headphones and play music or listen to an audiobook/podcast to keep you more relaxed.

Some of our nervous patients have been kind enough to leave testimonials so you can see how their journey has changed their lives.

Call our team today on 01277 575 147 or email us at info@dentalkind.com to arrange your appointment today.

If you would like further information, click here or request an appointment by calling 01277 575 136

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