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A bridge is a fixed long-term solution to replacing missing teeth. The bridge consists of an abutment(s) and pontic(s).

An abutment is a tooth used to carry the false tooth. A pontic is a term given to the false tooth. There are two types of bridges commonly used in dentistry:

  1. Resin Bonded
  2. Conventional

Resin Bonded Bridges

These require no/very little preparation of teeth. The bridge consists of a false porcelain tooth with a metal wing. The metal wing is bonded onto the tooth adjacent to the space with an adhesive dental cement. RBBs can last up to 7 years.


  • Cost effective
  • Aesthetic
  • No drilling or anaesthetic
  • Good provisional before or during implant treatment



  • Metal wing can cause some greying
  • Shorter lifespan than conventional bridges and implants
  • Case specific

Conventional Bridges

Traditionally bridges involved preparation of the abutment teeth (similar to crown preparations) and the bridge would be conventionally cemented on in place. They are good for replacing one or more teeth and this type of bridge has a long history of success. They can be made in metal-ceramic or all ceramic.


  • Aesthetic
  • Long term (10-15yrs)
  • Suitable for larger spaces and at the back of the mouth


    • Teeth need to be prepared
  • Need suitable teeth to use as abutments

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