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Six Month Smiles | Cosmetic Braces | Straight Teeth in Essex

Six Month Smiles and our other tooth-coloured fixed brace option, Quick Straight Teeth, have helped transform thousands on peoples smiles worldwide.

Six Month Smiles / Quick Straight Teeth are excellent treatment options for patients suffering from crowding and spacing. The systems use tooth-coloured fixed braces to straighten the teeth. On average treatment time is usually 6 months, however, can range between 4-9 months depending on the case.

Six Month Smiles takes the functionality of a traditional fixed brace and by using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires/components the system is cosmetic and suits all lifestyles.

Plus points about Six Months Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth:

  • Average treatment time of 6 months
  • Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely visible
  • Cosmetic clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires
  • Less invasive approach compared with veneers and crowns
  • Comfortable and safe treatment
  • Allow you to maintain good hygiene
  • Cheaper than a specialist or clear aligner treatment

The braces when attached are hardly noticeable and very easy on the eye. They are very closely matched to the natural shade of teeth.

These newer orthodontic systems use special wires and bracket designs to safely move teeth faster than older, more conventional systems. The increased speed makes treatment more efficient however maintains safety.

These systems – Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth – are mainly focused on improving your smile, i.e. cosmetic concerns. This is partly why treatment is quicker as correcting the back teeth and your bite is more complex, time-consuming and often referred to a Specialist Orthodontist.

Most patients report very little pain or discomfort as the teeth move gently.

Retainers are essential after successfully completing your orthodontic treatment. Retainers will keep your teeth in their straightened position and avoid relapse (teeth moving back to their original position). We offer fixed or removable retainers and often recommend both where possible. Failure to wear your retainer will likely result in relapse.

We only provide orthodontic treatment for patients above 18 years old. Generally, we only aim to improve the smile and manage more cosmetic concerns. If you require bite correction or more complex/advanced orthodontic treatment, we may decide to work with a local Specialist Orthodontist.

Six Month Smiles Video – Clear Braces for Adults

Six Month Smiles Video – Fast Tooth Straightening

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