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Extractions only if necessary

Removing a tooth from a patient’s mouth is called an extraction. If a tooth becomes damaged or decayed beyond repair then removing it is often the best way of protecting the health of the mouth and remaining teeth.

If one or several of your teeth do not look right or you are experiencing pain in a tooth then book a free consultation and we will assess the best possible course of treatment for you. Despite the advances in modern dental technology it is always better to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. Extractions will always be used as a last resort.

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Main reasons for extraction

Where we have no choice but to extract a tooth, the main reasons consist of:

  • Severe tooth infection, decay or trauma where the tooth is past the point of being saved.
  • With some traditional braces, a tooth may need to be removed to avoid overcrowding issues with your new straight teeth.
  • Complicated fracture leaving tooth unrestorable.
  • Teeth that cannot be saved through root canal (endodontic) treatments.
  • Dental abscesses; a collection of pus around the gums or teeth
  • Advanced gum disease.
  • Supernumerary teeth; are additional teeth which block other teeth from developing by growing in the wrong place.

We understand that an extraction can be a nervous time for any patient. They are carried out under a local anaesthetic which numbs the sight of the extraction and eliminates any pain. Due to the nature of the treatment, you may feel some movement and pressure around the tooth which can be uncomfortable. Our dentists always provide the best possible environment for our patients making sure they are as relaxed as possible.

For patients of a very nervous disposition extraction can seem overwhelming. We offer IV sedation on all of our treatments; you will be in a hazy and calm state and are likely not to remember any of the procedure. As you do not go completely under we will still be able to communicate with you throughout the treatment meaning you stay relaxed and safe.

Specialist Oral Surgery

Mr James Anang, our resident Specialist Oral Surgeon, provides the following treatments:

  • Complex surgical extractions
  • Wisdom tooth extractions
  • Apicectomies
  • Sedation

Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the final teeth to develop in the mouth usually in late teens or early twenties. Not all people have wisdom teeth and not all people have problems with their wisdom teeth.

Often, wisdom teeth become trapped and do not fully erupt because they commonly impact the second molars and either remain buried under the gum or partially erupt through the gum. This can cause difficulty with cleaning and can often cause infections.

There are specific guidelines set out by NICE and when beneficial your dentist will advise removal of the problematic wisdom tooth/teeth.

General Aftercare Advice

  • Ice packs can be used for periods on 30mins to reduce immediate post-operative swelling
  • Biting on gauze/kitchen towel with pressure to stop any bleeding
  • Soft foods and avoidance of very hot foods/liquids
  • Avoid crunchy/sharp foods
  • Good oral hygiene
  • Warm salt water rinsing 3-5 times daily
  • Stop smoking for at least 3 days post-extraction
  • Suitable pain relief if necessary

If you would like further information, click here or request an appointment by calling 01277 500 332

Why patient's love DentalKind

I have had a huge fear of the dentist for the entirety of adulthood and have genuinely never known a practice be so kind, compassionate and informative as this. I was talked through every step of my... procedure with the hygienist. Kerry was sweet and took everything at my pace so I wasn’t overwhelmed with a lot of well needed praise and recognition! The admin staff have been so kind and patient with me whilst I cry booking appointments and waiting nervously in the reception area, particularly Megan who was super professional and lovely when I originally sent my enquiry explaining how nervous I was. I have had follow up calls after all my appointments to check how the works have settled and how I am feeling, which I think is a wonderful touch and shows just how attentive they are. And my dentist Chirag has been nothing short of amazing. He is so informative and is clearly incredibly knowledgeable and highly skilled in his work. I have been for three appointments to have multiple fillings re-done (some of which were quite deep, and tricky after some poor NHS work) But Chirag has taken everything at my own pace, shown me what work is going to take place, and been such a great comfort throughout. He works incredibly hard, and nothing is too much of a problem for him. My mouth has never felt better, and after multiple visits I managed the last one without a single tear! I honestly couldn’t recommend a practice more. Best decision I have made in a long time deciding to finally take the jump and book in with you. Thank you.read more
I recently had Invisalign and composite bonding with Sunil, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Sunil is an incredibly skilled and experienced dentist, and he made the entire process as easy... and stress-free as possible.During my initial consultation, Sunil took the time to understand my goals and expectations. He explained the entire process in detail, and he answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly. I felt completely confident in his care.My Invisalign treatment went smoothly, and I was amazed at how quickly my teeth straightened out. Sunil was always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I had.Once my Invisalign treatment was complete, Sunil performed the composite bonding, the results are truly amazing! My teeth look perfectly natural and even. I'm so happy with the way my smile looks now.Sunil is not only a skilled dentist, but he's also a very kind and caring person. He made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Sunil to anyone looking for a dental professional.read more
I have had face treatments with Saj, who is very patient, professional and honest. I look forward to going back.
I woke up with toothache start of the week and by the Saturday I was in bits. Found Dental Kind online and Dr Chirag saw me on the Saturday and extracted the tooth for me and I've been pain-free... since. He was very kind snd gentle. Very happy with the professional service! Would highly recommend! I plan to come back for further treatment !read more
The people in here are so Patient and caring. I cannot recommend them enough.
Amazing staff, so helpful, an amazing outcome from treatment
I have had composite bonding, some crowns and a bridge. I am extremely happy with the overall improvement in the size, shape and colour of my teeth. They are natural looking and Sunil worked hard to... get me the result I wanted in time for my son's wedding.Would highly recommend this dental practice. The whole team are very friendly and were keen to see the end result.read more
Teeth feel great!
Saw Chloe the hygienist today . Very welcoming, kind and patient. Put me at ease and talked through all the procedures. Very friendly receptionists. Highly recommend this practice.
Can I thank everyone there they are so supportive and helpful I don’t know what I would have done without them and the quality of work is amazing thank you and I would highly recommend dental kind... for any dental work thanks again John Lawrenceread more
What a fantastic dental practice. I can't praise them enough for the very kind way they have treated me and the great work they have done. For the first time I can start to smile with confidence.... Highly recommend!!!read more
By far the best dentistry I’ve experienced. I cannot praise the excellence demonstrated along with professionalism and caring friendly efficient reception staff. I needed urgent treatment that was... carried out both promptly and effectively in perfect surroundings. I’m looking forward to my next appointment… how often is that stated 🙏read more
Hello… my experience with the hygienists and Dr Sunil was at a very professional level when I visited in December 2022….and the dental practice has reached a high level in all aspects,Well done and... keep up the good work the whole team are doing!read more
Having been to several dentists to repair my jaw I have found that DentalKind in Billericay to be the most compassionate of them all. They take patients welfare seriously. I am having major surgery... on my jaw with replacement teeth on a neo-arch. All the work to be done has been explained to me and when I have had questions these have been answered promptly and satisfactorily so that I understand every step of the way. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone wanting to undergo surgery and definitely to those who have issues with dentists.read more
Excellent service and care. The best dentist I have ever had.
Sunil and DentalKind have been an excellent choice as my dentist. I researched a number of private dentists in the area before choosing these guys, and I was a little apprehensive as I had never... previously used a private only dentist and I was worried about the costs involved.I have to say that from the very beginning, Sunil and the team never made me feel that they put their commercial interests in front of what was right for me and my desired outcome. There were points during my treatment where I was even recommended to possibly see a NHS dentist if it worked out more viable for me. I always felt like everyone from the dentist, the dental nurse and admin team went the extra mile to ensure service was excellent. I am super pleased with the outcome and intend to go back and use their services again soon. As the saying goes, you pay for what you get.read more
Great service from start to finish, had so many other Dentists say "my issue couldn't be fixed" until I went to see Dr Sunil. Had a really good consultation and then the actual treatment was... fantastic, I was made to feel at ease and felt comfortable throughout. I'm so happy with the result. Thank you DentalKind and Dr Sunil.read more
The Doctor was very friendly and helpful.
I was rigid with fear at the thought of a wisdom tooth extraction, 2 large replacement fillings + periodontal treatment.I hadn’t been to a dentist since before the pandemic when my previous dentist... retired and anyhow the injections I used to have never made my visits any easier…I was always terrified.Recommended by my husband, step forward Dr Sunil and his team at Dentalkind and take a HUGE bow.Together with Dr Paschal who kept me sedated throughout the procedure I felt no pain, no discomfort and no stress.The care throughout & afterwards was exemplary, and after a good sleep when I got home I suffered no after-pain whatsoever.Thank-you Dentalkind, from the bottom of my root canals, for the care & professionalism shown to me and for bringing my smile back.read more
I worked with dr Rahul and I have nothing bad to say, from my first consultation he has provided honest and good advice on what it was I was looking for, extremely professional, the best dentist I... have ever been too, customer service is fantastic along with the facility being clean and hygienic.read more
Dr Rahul saw me on an emergency consultation to review a chipped front tooth due to an accident over the weekend which needed to be urgently fixed ahead of a wedding. He was incredibly thorough in... explaining the possible courses of treatment and the process for narrowing down on the exact treatment needed. Dr Rahul and the nurse did an exceptional job in repairing the chipped tooth with composite bonding, so much so my partner couldn't tell which tooth I had chipped in the first place. Excellent staff and service all round and couldn't be more thankful. Would highly recommend!read more

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