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Root canal treatment is required if:

  • The nerve and blood vessels are irreversibly inflamed/infected causing severe toothache
  • The nerve and blood vessels have died off
  • If there is a chronic infection present under a tooth which may be draining pus into the mouth
  • Electively in the treatment of a badly broken down tooth to allow placement of a post and core

It may be necessary due to caries (decay), gum disease, trauma and other causes of damage.

The treatment is very successful with non-infected cases being about 95% successful. Once a tooth is infected, i.e. there are swelling or signs of infection then this reduces to 85%.

The root canal treatments in Essex can be done in one or multiple visits and can be carried out painlessly. The tooth is isolated using a rubber sheet to prevent any of the instruments or solutions we use fall into the mouth. The first part of treatment involves removing the infected tissue from the roots, then shaping the canals and flushing them out with antibacterial agents. Finally, the clean roots are filled with a rubbery antibacterial material. The tooth may then require a post and/or a core builds up before it is protected with a Crown or Onlay, this is done because root canal treated teeth are susceptible to fracture after treatment.

Root canal treatment is extremely complex and time-consuming. The dentist will use magnifying glasses to ensure the tooth is thoroughly cleaned out before filling. As a general rule, anterior teeth are less complicated than posterior teeth as they are easier to access and have fewer canals.

Re-Root Canal Treatment

Re-root canal treatment is required should the first attempt have failed, or planned treatment is required on a poor quality root filling. This can be done by your dentist, however, in some circumstances, this may be referred to our endodontist (Eleni Machmouridou). As a last resort, surgery may be required where the end of the root is polished and cleaned directly.

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