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Crowns, onlays and inlay restorations are commonly used to restore badly broken down teeth, or teeth that are at risk of fracture.

With a crown, the tooth will be reduced in height and circumferentially to allow a full coverage restoration to be conventionally cemented on.

With an inlay, the filling is removed and the tooth refined to allow for an impression to be made. The inlay will then be fabricated in a dental lab and cemented into place. They are used when replacing very large fillings which can no longer be filled using conventional ‘direct’ filling methods.

With an onlay, the top of the tooth is cut down and a light preparation elsewhere to restore what is lost and protect what remains. Onlays are the restoration of choice as they require a lot less tooth removal.

The amount of reduction depends on the material being used to make the crown, with porcelain requiring a more space than metal. With crowns, studies state that there is a 1 in 5 risk of the tooth requiring root canal treatment within the first 5-10yrs. This is greatly reduced if an onlay is opted for.

The process requires at least two appointments. At the first appointment the tooth is prepared, moulds/records taken and the tooth will be protected with a temporary restoration. The moulds and records are sent to a dental lab and the finished restoration is returned to the dentist after 2 weeks. At the fitting appointment the temporary is removed and the new restoration is checked before it is fitted.

Before the treatment is undertaken we will assess the tooth and take x-rays as required. After the final restoration is fitted it is extremely important to maintain good hygiene and attend for regular check ups/hygiene visits to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

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🔥🔥REPOST from @ohabioh 🔥🔥 So as some of you guys have seen I have been going through my @invisalign_uk journey since March. I have always wanted to straighten my teeth, especially one that was super wonky at the front. It made me not want to smile & I would always put my hand over my mouth if I laughed etc. I want to do a thorough video talking about everything but for now this post will do! I used @dentalkind in Billericay who luckily are just around the corner from where I work!! 😁 Sunil has done such a great job on my final touches too, filling in my last few gaps, straightening up and tweaking them to perfection. I still need to have my whitening done which I’m double excited for. If you guys are thinking about having Invisalign through dentalkind, feel free to pop me over a message & I can give you information on how to receive your free consultation (there is absolutely no commitment or pressure at this point) and if you decide to go further, I can also offer you money off your treatment! So my DM’s are open to anyone who wants anymore info 🖤 I need to also find a before pic but it’s proving difficult as I never used to smile showing off my ‘bad’ tooth side haha 🤨
Composite Smile Makeover .
This young lady wanted to improve her smile and didn’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment. After discussion of her options we agreed to place eight composite veneers. .
Several photos and a 3D scan were used in a digital smile design process. We work with our labs to create the ideal proportions and a result that was in harmony with her face. Thanks to @densign_lab for the amazing digital wax ups. .
The treatment was completed over 3 visits... 1. Placement 2. Refinement 3. Review.
Happy patient 😁 Happy dentist 👨‍⚕️