Advanced Toxin Treatments

What is Advanced Toxin? 

Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum that acts as a paralytic.  In a purified form, Botulinum toxin is a very safe and effective treatment not only used in cosmetic clinics, but also for several medical conditions, including migraine, cerebral palsy and cervical dystonia.  At FaceKind we also carry out advanced Toxin procedures which includes treating Bruxism, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and the non-surgical neck lift (Nefertiti neck lift).

How does ‘Advanced Toxin’ work?

Advanced Toxin ’ is a neurotoxin that works by blocking nerve signals to temporarily relax muscles and thereby reducing muscle contraction.

How is ‘Advanced Toxin’ administered?

The treatment is administered using a very fine needle and is virtually painless. The process itself takes only minutes to complete and there is no downtime involved so patients can return to work immediately. Our Aesthetics practitioner will ensure that all aftercare advice is discussed on the day of treatment and the procedure will be carried out in a calming and comfortable environment. Ample time is booked out for your treatment so that the process isn’t rushed and there is an opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

  1. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the armpits)

Botulinum toxin is licenced in the UK to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the armpits). The area is treated with 20 injections, which block the nerve supply to the sweat glands to prevent them from producing sweat. Although there is no cure for hyperhidrosis, treatment will usually last for 5-6 months so patients typically require only 1-2 sessions per year. You can expect the procedure to take 15 minutes and patients should allow up to a week for onset of results.

  1. Non-surgical neck lift (“Nefertiti neck lift”)

The “Nefertiti neck lift “is a relatively new procedure that involves placing multiple injections of botulinum toxin along the lower jawline as well as down the side of the neck along the platysmal band muscle. Patients can expect to notice a smoother, toned neck and lifted jawline, akin to the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti who continues to be admired for her bone structure today. Results are promising with patients achieving around a 15-20% ‘upward lifting effect’, nonetheless it should not be considered as a “facelift in a bottle”. Patients should allow 4 weeks for onset of results and treatment will need to be repeated every 3-4 months.

  1. Wide set Jaw/Bruxism

Bruxism is a term used to describe a range of behaviours including teeth grinding and clenching. It is usually a subconscious behaviour often performed during sleep and involves the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), otherwise known as the jaw joint and several muscles of mastication (chewing muscles). One of the more significant muscles involved in this process is called the masseter muscle. Patients with Bruxism will often present with enlarged masseter muscles that contributes to a squarer jawline appearance.  Repeated clenching and grinding can lead to permanent damage of the teeth, as well as symptoms such as headache, jaw/ear pain and even disorders of the TMJ. 

The treatment is an effective adjunct treatment option for Bruxism, albeit ‘off-label’. Other treatment options for Bruxism include occlusal splints (night guards) and mandibular advancement devices (MADs) that can be further discussed with your Dentist. Other treatment modalities include surgical options. 

Toxin injections involve a series of small injections to relax the masseter muscles. The toxin works by blocking the transition of chemical messages from the nerve to the muscle so that its’ ability to contract is reduced. The reduction in strength means that less force is applied when clenching/grinding, preventing damage to teeth.. Relaxing of the injected muscles becomes apparent after 2 weeks with the peak effect being reached at 28 days (4 weeks). You will also notice a softening of the jawline as the masseter muscle weakens and ‘shrinks’ in size.  








Treatment Time

5-15 mins


In 4 – 14 days

Results Duration

Approx 3-6 months


None to minimal discomfort