What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a type of injectable dermal filler which is used for smoothing out wrinkles and adding volume. It stimulates the growth of new collagen – the key ingredient that provides structure and support to help keep skin looking youthful.

Radiesse is renowned for its triple effect-based results:

  • Lifting skin and giving immediate enhancement
  • Providing defined contours to the lower face and jawline
  • Long-term skin rejuvenation with collagen and elastin

Radiesse is most often used on the face, neck and hands. It can:

  • Fills in lines and creases
  • Treat hollow or sagging skin
  • Add volume to cheek bones
  • Add volume to the folds around the mouth and nose
  • Smooths and enhances the skin to the backs of hands

Patients from Billericay, Chelmsford and throughout Essex are choosing Radiesse because treatment is safe, and results are visible immediately.


How does Radiesse work in Billericay?

Radiesse, like other dermal fillers, are injected into the skin using a very fine needle. This is a minimally invasive procedure, and the treatment begins working immediately.

Over time, the gel from the product is absorbed and the process of neocollagenesis begins – stimulating the gradual growth of your own collagen which means that you should notice more results after a week or two of Radiesse treatment.


How is Radiesse administered in Billericay?

Patients throughout Billericay and Essex will receive a series of fine injections to the targeted areas either in your face, neck or hands. This doesn’t hurt at all.

The process for administering the Radiesse dermal filler injections takes about 15 minutes.

You can go home immediately after the treatment has been administered and you can return to your usual routines. Your practitioner will discuss anything you should or shouldn’t do after treatment and this will include avoiding direct sun and heat for at least 24 hours and avoiding strenuous exercise immediately after treatment.


Are there any side effects in using Radiesse?

Side effects are mostly linked to the administration of the needle to the skin, and this may cause some redness, slight bruising, or itching which should disappear within a day or two. Your practitioner at FaceKind in Billericay will discuss all of this with you before you go ahead with treatment.

If you have any history of allergic reactions to any of the ingredients in Radiesse, you should avoid this treatment. Again, your practitioner will talk through whether this applies to you.

Radiesse summary in Billericay

Procedure time:

Treatment takes about 15 minutes to administer.

How many treatments:

Results are not permanent so you should repeat treatments whenever needed. You may need small maintenance injections, or you may not need treatment again for another 2 years. 

Suitable for:

Anyone looking to reduce the signs of ageing, smooth out wrinkles or add volume to loose skin. 


You’ll notice some effects immediately and then full results within a week or two.

Longevity of results:

Results for Radiesse can last for up to two years. 

Pain level:



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