Skin Boosters

Treatment Fee
Teosyal redensity 1 Skin Booster
Under eyes/upper lip
1ml x 3 sessions (2 weeks apart)
Full Face/Neck
3ml x 2 sessions (2 weeks apart)
6mls x 2 sessions (2 weeks apart)
Treatment Fee
Profhilo (Face, neck, decolletage or hands) 1st Session from £250/2ml
Profhilo (Face, neck, decolletage or hands) 2nd Session £200/2ml
Profhilo (Body) 1st Session
(suitable for abdomen and inner arms)
Profhilo (Body) 2nd Session
(suitable for abdomen and inner arms)
(2-3 sessions, 4 weeks apart, are recommended for optimal results)


Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Treatment Fee
Frown, Forehead Lines & Crow’s Feet
(Small supplement applicable for men/larger doses)
1 Area From £140
2 Areas From £190
3 Areas

From £240

Additional areas
Eyebrow lift, Gummy smile, Downturned corners of the mouth, Pebbled chin, Bunny lines, Smoker’s lines
(During review)
Jawline Slimming/Bruxism
from £250
(excessive sweating under armpits)
from £320
Non-Surgical Neck Lift
(‘Nefertiti’ neck lift)
from £270

Dermal Fillers

Treatment Fee
Dermal filler dissolving £150
Lips (0.5ml)
Lips (0.7ml)
Lips, Nose to mouth lines (smile lines), Marionette lines (mouth-to chin lines), Cheek, Jawline, Chin, Smoker’s lines (barcode lines) £220/ml
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
(‘Nose job’)
Tear Trough filler

Temple filler



Facial Contouring – Combination Filler Packages (excl. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty & Tear Trough)

2ml filler

3ml filler £600
4ml filler £780
5ml filler £960
6ml filler £1140

WOW Fusion

The perfect facial for a bridal glow up or to make your skin red carpet ready

Treatment Fee
Wow fusion facial £165
Wow fusion facial (with botulinum toxin)
30 min treatment
Upgrade to WOW fusion premium
Includes topical anaesthetic, ph formula skin resurfacing treatment and sheet mask


WOW fusion premium £195
WOW fusion premium (with botulinum toxin)
1-hour treatment


pH Formula Skincare

Treatment Fee
Skin Resurfacing Chemical Peel
(Age management, Hyperpigmentation, Chronic redness & Acne)
1 treatment £90
3 treatments £240
6 treatments £420
Home Care Kits
(3-4 month supply) Recommended for skin resurfacing chemical peels
The ‘The Mum-To-Be’ Facial
(incl. vita C radiance release and customised facemask)
The ‘Turbo Boost’ Facial
(incl. skin resurfacing treatment, vita C and customised facemask)
Bespoke dermabrasion/mesoresurfacing treatment
(Suitable for eyes, Neck, Décolletage, Bar code lines & Full face)
from £90
TCA Touch™ peel
1* TCA Touch™ skin resurfacing treatment £200
2* TCA Touch™ skin resurfacing treatment £350
2* TCA Touch™ skin resurfacing treatment & TCA™ Touch homecare kit £550

2 treatments supported with homecare is recommended for optimum results


Treatment Fee
1 session
(includes cleanse optional skin resurfacing, microneedling with serum followed by a facemask)
3 sessions
(includes cleanse optional skin resurfacing, microneedling with serum followed by a facemask)

Treatment of hayfever and allergic rhinitis

Treatment Fee
Complimentary consultation and treatment (subject to assessment & suitability)
(£10 supplement for larger doses)
from £99

Eye treatments

Treatment Fee
Ultimate eye rejuvenation package (offer)
2 sessions of light eyes
2 sessions of polynucelotides
1 complimentary pH formula eye lift serum
Polynucleotides (suitable for under eyes, face and neck)
Per treatment £250 (Normally £300)
2 treatments
(2 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart)
£450 (Normally £500)
Light eyes Ultra From £180
1 session £160
2 sessions (recommended)
(1 session every 2 weeks)
3 sessions £420

Dermalux LED light therapy (Triwave MD)

Treatment Fee
Dermalux LED 10 min’ add on’ session
( 10 min sessions can be added onto any treatment booked with FaceKind including all injectables and skin treatments)
Dermalux LED 20 min stand alone session £50
Dermalux LED package Buy 8 get 2 free (20 min sessions) £400
Dermalux LED package buy 4 get 1 free (20 min sessions) £200

PRP (platelet rich plasma) Therapy

Introductory offers Fee
PRP – hair growth treatment £200 (usually £250)
PRP – under eye ‘dark circle’ treatment £200 (usually £250)
PRP – full face rejuvenation, microneedling with LED light therapy £250 (usually £300)