Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Frown, Forehead Lines & Crow’s Feet
(Small supplement applicable for men/larger doses)
1 AreaFrom £160
2 AreasFrom £210
3 AreasFrom £260
Additional areas
Eyebrow lift, Gummy smile, Downturned corners of the mouth, Pebbled chin, Bunny lines, Smoker’s lines
£50 add on
£140 stand alone
(During review)
Jawline Slimming/Bruxism
from £260
(excessive sweating under armpits)
from £320
Non-Surgical Neck Lift
(‘Nefertiti’ neck lift)
from £270

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Dermal filler dissolving£175
Lips (0.7ml)
Lips (1ml)
Lips, Nose to mouth lines (smile lines), Marionette lines (mouth-to chin lines), Cheek, Jawline, Chin, Smoker’s lines (barcode lines)£250/ml
Facial Contouring – Combination Filler Packages (excl. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty & Tear Trough)

2ml filler

3ml filler£630
4ml filler£800
5ml filler£960


Available from June 2024 – September 2024

Introductory offerFee
Radiesse 1.5ml syringe
(Suitable to neck, hands and face)
£400 £350

Advanced Dermal Filler Procedures

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
(‘Nose job’)
Top-up: booked within 6 weeks of first appointment
Tear Trough filler
Temple filler
Top-up: booked within 6 weeks of first appointment

Skin Boosters

Teosyal redensity 1 Skin Booster
Under eyes/upper lip
Per 1 ml session (Under eyes/upper lip)
Per 2 ml session (Face)
Per 3 ml session (Face)
Full Face/Neck
3ml x 2 sessions (2 weeks apart)
6mls x 2 sessions (2 weeks apart)


Ameela full face
Session 1 (4ml)
Ameela full face
Session 2 (4ml)


Profhilo is a skin bioremodulator

Profhilo (Face, neck, decolletage or hands) 1 Sessionfrom £250
Profhilo (Face, neck, decolletage or hands) 2 Sessions£450
Profhilo (Face, neck, decolletage or hands) 3 Sessions£650
Profhilo (Body) 1st Session
(suitable for abdomen and inner arms)
Profhilo (Body) Additional Sessions
(suitable for abdomen and inner arms)

(2-3 sessions, 4 weeks apart, are recommended for optimal results)

PRP (platelet rich plasma) Therapy

Introductory offersFee
PRP – hair growth treatment
(includes microneedling hair growth serum and LED light therapy)
PRP – under eye ‘dark circle’ treatment
(includes vita C resurfacing & LED light therapy)
PRP – full face rejuvenation, microneedling with LED light therapy
(includes skin resurfacing peel, microneedling, LED light therapy and customised facemask)

Fat dissolving injections

Introductory offersFee
Double chin Per session
2 sessions required
Body – includes areas such as abdomen, inner thighs, knees and arms
2 sessions required
(small area)
(large area)


Thread vein/spider vein removal
3 sessions recommended


1 session
(includes bespoke skin treatment, skin resurfacing, LED light therapy and sheet mask)
3 sessions
(includes bespoke skin treatment, skin resurfacing, LED light therapy and sheet mask)

WOW Fusion

Bespoke microneedling treatment with mesotherapy

Upgrade to WOW fusion premium
Includes topical anaesthetic, ph formula skin resurfacing treatment and sheet mask


WOW fusion premium
(includes skin resurfacing, LED light therapy & sheet mask)
Wow Fusion Premium with anti-wrinkle treatment
(includes skin resurfacing, LED light therapy & sheet mask (suitable for oily, acne prone or rosacea prone skin) )


pH Formula Skincare

Medical Grade pH Formula Skincare

Skin Resurfacing Chemical Peel
(Age management, Hyperpigmentation, Chronic redness & Acne)
1 treatment£120
3 treatments£315
Home Care Kits
(3-4 month supply) Recommended for skin resurfacing chemical peels
The ‘The Mum-To-Be’ Facial
(incl. vita C radiance release and customised facemask)
The ‘Turbo Boost’ Facial
(incl. skin resurfacing treatment, vita C and customised facemask)
Bespoke dermabrasion/mesoresurfacing treatment
(Suitable for eyes, Neck, Décolletage, Bar code lines & Full face)
from £90
TCA Touch™ peel
1* TCA Touch™ skin resurfacing treatment£140
2* TCA Touch™ skin resurfacing treatment£260

2 treatments supported with homecare is recommended for optimum results

Dermalux LED light therapy (Triwave MD)

Dermalux LED 10 min’ add on’ session
( 10 min sessions can be added onto any treatment booked with FaceKind including all injectables and skin treatments)
Dermalux LED 20 min stand alone session£50
Dermalux LED package Buy 8 get 2 free (20 min sessions)£400
Dermalux LED package Buy 4 get 1 free (20 min sessions)£200

Treatment of hayfever and allergic rhinitis

Complimentary consultation and treatment (subject to assessment & suitability)
(£10 supplement for larger doses)
£99 – £109
Dose dependent