Hayfever And Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis (also known as Hayfever) is a type of inflammation that occurs when the immune system reacts to allergens in the air. Hayfever can be a debilitating disease affecting quality of life and ability to work optimally.

FaceKind offer a corticosteroid injection known as Kenalog (triamcinolone acetonide) subject to a consultation/suitability. The painless, intramuscular injection suppresses the immune system to effectively reduce inflammation caused by pollen/other allergens. After administering, the medication slowly leaks into the bloodstream over the course of three weeks. Kenalog works within 48 hours and symptom relief tends to last for the duration of the pollen season; usually 3 months. Occasionally a repeat injection may be required for patients later on in the season, nonetheless at FaceKind we do not recommend more than 2 injections per year.

Side effects are relatively rare, nonetheless all patients will be made explicitly aware of them so that an informed decision can be made.

If you suffer with severe hayfever symptoms and have tried oral and topical medications with little improvement, get in touch to arrange a consultation with our Pharmacist Prescriber to discuss your suitability for Kenalog injections.

Alternatively, please select this link to complete our consultation form and our pharmacist will review the information and get in touch to discuss further.

* A Steroid injection can suppress your immune system for up to 3 months. With COVID-19 around, please make sure you want to take the risk of having a Kenalog injection *